Load Random Patches To Your Volca FM With A Script!

I love the 80’s era sounds that you can get from the Yamaha DX7, and the more recent (and more affordable) Volca FM synthesizer.

What I don’t love? Programming patches for them. It can be a huge slog (and more difficult to learn than your more intuitive subtractive synthesis.

No problem! After all, why have a human do a computer’s job?

The site This DX7 Cart Does Not Exist will happily generate a file containing a set of new patches using that new-fangled machine learning technology.

According to the site, “The model generates 99.9% unique voices and so it is highly unlikely that any two cartridges created on this site will be the same.”

But why stop there? I have a script that will pull a new random cartridge file and then load it to our Volca!

List of Materials

  • A machine running Linux
  • A Volca FM
  • A USB-to-MIDI cable (I used this, confirmed to work)


  1. Plug the USB A male end of the USB-to-MIDI cable into your computer.
  2. Plug the MIDI out connector of the USB-to-MIDI cable into your Volca FM.
  3. Turn on your Volca FM.
  4. In a command line prompt, run this command:
    curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/aastaneh/randomvolca/main/randomvolca | bash
  5. Profit!

Soon I’ll share a track based only on sounds from this process!